Our Core Values

  1. Education - Within our products and services we strive to educate the community in some key areas; Food Security, Food Science & Nutrition, Ecology, Biodiversity, Community & people skills, alongside this our cooking classes naturally boost other skills such as mathematics, finance, reading, writing & creativity as well as boosting overall health and well-being. We are aiming to become a hub of knowledge and education and be able to provide free education in person and online to as many people as possible.
  2. Inclusivity - We strive to include people from all cultural backgrounds, financial circumstances and socio-economic status. We often provide free sessions to those struggling to afford the costs and will use profits gained from sales of any of our paid products and services to ensure we can continue to run projects such as the community-food-programme where we will distribute food parcels, food education & activities to children and their families struggling with their health and well-being with lack of financial means in the local area.
  3. Family-friendly - All of our classes focus on providing food education for children and their families, whether this is their siblings, parents or carers. This is important to us as we want to provide education & support to the next generation to ensure that our work is sustainable and skills and help reaches far for generations to come. We tend to lean towards children so we can incorporate a fun, relaxed approach to teaching as well as incorporating interactive aspects to our sessions such as art and storytelling to boost the FUN aspect, because if it's not fun, who's learning? We like to see Food Troops as One Big Family
  4. Scientific - We base all of our products on services on the latest peer-reviewed scientific data as much as possible. We follow journals that feature studies in the areas of pediatric nutrition, gastroenterology, food science and nutrition, food security, food technology, nutritional psychology and mental health and eating behaviours.
  5.  Sustainability - This is key to our business model, we aim to ensure all of our projects, products and services can stand the test of time; to ensure all of the above are incorporated into all of our projects ensuring they are all up-to date and relavent with the current times and issues we face. Currently, we are aware that the current methods we have for producing, distributing, selling, buying and consuming food are not sustainable and we are doing what we can to help this situation. We are focusing on 'waste and waistelines' as our key areas; waste being food waste (we will teach people how to reduce their food waste as well as use surplus food where possible as well as work hard to reduce any waste we produce as a business) and waistelines.. by providing education to those in need around healthy eating and ensuring we are all gaining sufficient nutrition in our food. We will always put the Planet and our people first before any profits.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

Promoting health and wellbeing amongst children and their families by providing food education through interactive Plant-focused cookery classes and other food-related activities as well as providing food parcels to those in need using surplus food donations from supermarkets where possible to reduce food waste.



We aim to become a hub for food education with sites set up nationally in which people can learn to grow, cook, eat and preserve healthy sustainable foods ensuring no food is wasted whilst being mindful of our personal eating habits, diets and nutritional requirements ensuring no child or family is left malnourished or suffering from poor health & wellbeing as a result of poor nutrition or lack of funds or skills to provide good quality, nutritious meals for their families, for now and moving into the future.

Our Social Aims

Promoting health & wellbeing by creating a positive attitude towards food and cooking.

By educating others on basic culinary skills and nutritional information, we hope that people will feel more freedom to cook and prepare their own meals from scratch. Culinary confidence can also be unlocked with education on food safety.


Bringing people together with good food.

Promoting a positive attitude towards healthy plant-based foods can allow people in the community to come together and share ideas and favourite recipes of their own. We hope to run sessions in the local community as well as online to reach our global community.


Focusing on becoming more sustainable and target food waste.

Food waste is a massive issue. We hope to provide solutions on reducing our food waste simply by providing recipes, broadening our knowledge on food safety as well as teaching various methods for preserving & using up food waste!

By being 100% plant-based we will not use any animal products in our recipes simply because we are aware of the environmental issues animal agriculture is having on our environment. We aim to broaden our minds and tastebuds when it comes to eating healthy & incorporating more vegetables into our diets.

Support Us!

Please help our social enterprise thrive!

We are currently at start-up phase with big ambitions for our community interest company.
Our main tagline 'Targeting waste and wastelines' highlight our main aims for Food Troops.

If you would like to support our causes and donate to our crowdfunder please click the link below.

Other ways you can support us

Food Troops is always looking for new volunteers to help out in a wide range of activities, whether that is helping out at one of our event or collecting food donation parcels for out community cook-ups.

If you'd like to hear more please contact us & we'd be happy to send you an information pack.

Sharing is caring

Another way you can help us achieve our social aims is by sharing any posts or videos we share on Youtube or social media. The more people we can reach, the more we can be sure our message is being heard and we are making a difference. Please see below for a list of our social aims.

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