Our Baby-Led Weaning Journey Day 1

So here goes, blog entry number one:
Whilst I spend a lot of my time at home these days with Baby Soleiah and her siblings seeing as its winter and not many baby/toddler groups are running these days I figured I would set up a blog following our personal ‘weaning’ journey. Not only for myself but maybe it can hint some suggestions for any other parents out there that may need inspiration or ideas around their own baby’s weaning journey! Though I must add, that by mentioning ‘weaning’ i am talking about the introduction of foods alongside her regular breastmilk I have no plans to wean her away from breastmilk any -time soon.

Though I don’t claim to be an expert that knows all I have spent the past few years studying nutrition & food science & biology at university and being 4th baby I’ve had made my fair share of wins & losses when it comes to parenting & children’s diets! However, all kids are different and mostly I feel that baby-led weaning in this way works great for us.. thus far.. well its only day 1, so welcome along to our journey!

So when I became pregnant last year.. this time I was on a mission to raise an organic, vegan, sugar-free veggie-loving baby/child this time round!! unrealistic? haha quite possibly, with my 3 other children being at different stages of life & dietary needs & preferences I feel I could spend a lot of time cooking various meals stressing about whether they were all gaining adequate micronutrients, whether their microbiomes were thriving and whether the 10-second-rule is now out the window due to Cornavirus… I could go on! But who has time for that? I don’t.

My degree and my recent dissertation allowed me to gain better understanding children and their perceptions towards foods (veg in particular) & what it is that can convince a child to eat something new without having to use any sort of force or bribery at the dinner table! (something perhaps many of us endured during childhood!)

So my approach this time around is to RELAX & let baby lead the way… But ensure healthy veggies and a range of new foods, colours & textures are offered regularly.

So day 1:

Introduction of fruits:
Pear, banana and nectarine and allowed to play with bright whole peppers!
Mostly she enjoyed playing with them and tried the occasional fruit but expect more mess as the days go by!
Speak soon

I have created a short (low quality) video of our experience & the first time my super cute baby girl tried a pear! 🙂 Give us a like and a follow if you would & we will be back soon <3

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