"Family foodie fun through your door"

What's in the box?

Recipe Cards

Receive 3 easy to follow vegan, sugar-free recipes in every box.


Receive dried or fresh ingredients to accompany your healthy recipes.


Indoor and outdoor activities, tasks & games to play for children of all ages.


Free gifts included in every box.. expect products to accompany the month's theme

Why Our Boxes?


Our boxes are aimed at children aged 2 - 10 years; with a chance to practice culinary skills as well as reading, writing & literacy our boxes encourage children to learn and use their hands to create delicious dishes as well as take part in various activities including outdoor and indoor crafts and foraging tips. Older children can use skills gained from the boxes and information sheets to cook & prepare their own dishes at home.


Our boxes contain a range of activities and ideas on how your children can explore and familiarise themselves with fruits and vegetables by chopping, creating art with and tasting them. There are lots of opportunities to practice art and creativity within the boxes as well as this they are provided with the freedom to taste and learn about foods they may not be familiar with.


Our main focus is on sustainability; as a non-profit business we aim to create a positive impact in the world with a focus on reducing food waste and strengthening our food system; this includes providing food education for young children, our future consumers, educating them on making sustainable food choices now and in the future. All of our packaging is bio-degradable, re-cyclable or re-usable with fun suggestions on how we can re-use or re-purpose the packaging.


Our vegan-friendly ingredients included in the box are from good quality wholefood sources, organic where possible, with no refined sugars, artificial colours and preservatives. Just good, wholesome, plant-based foods. We recognise the need to reduce our meat consumption so whether you are a meat-eater, vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian, we want to reassure you that good food and meals can be entirely plant-based and your body and the earth will thank you for it.

So How Does It Work?

Select your box & add any extras

Visit our shop to choose your box & payment plans; add an extra sibling or any extra ingredients from our refill shop.

Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time and can be found under the 'my account' page.

Check out and Pay

We accept Paypal for faster payments.

We deliver to you!

Boxes are sent through the mail in the middle of each month.

Purchase fresh ingredients

Whilst we provide you with a selection of dried ingredients; some recipes will require you to purchase additional fresh ingredients. Use our handy shopping list & make a game of it whilst shopping with your child.

Follow the recipes with your children

Allow your child to taste, explore and have fun along the way.

Take part in the tasks & activities

Within the box are plenty of ideas on how to get your child to further explore vegetables, create crafts and explore the great outdoors. We have tasks, games & competitions featured inside every month.


Profits go towards feeding those families in need in the UK by donating food parcels & cookery classes within the community.

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One-off gift


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6 boxes for the price of 5


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