Vegucation Club

Vegucation club

Healthy, seasonal, Foodie-fun boxes for children and their families.

What’s in the box?

🥦Each box is themed & focuses on one or two seasonal, UK vegetables each month     as well as:

🥕 Delicious recipes; at least one sweet one savoury

🍅Up to 10 dried ingredients and fun shopping list for the rest.

🥾 nature activity; get out and about with our food-inspired nature tasks

😄’foodie-fun activity’  involving handling and sensory exploration of veg without pressure to taste.

🎁 freeebee; think kitchen utensil or tool

🖍 crafts, resources, quizzes and other food-focused games and activities

😋 New food product to try

💛healthy food education, tips on food waste, science, nutrition and more

👍 sticker & sticker chart

🎥 access to our member’s page and online community as well as videos for your child to follow along to.

Pictured: February Sibling Box





Why our boxes?

In a world where we are bombarded by products and being told what to buy it can be hard not knowing who to trust,      -here’s three reasons why purchasing a box from us and supporting Food Troops CIC is a worthwhile investment.


We promote the consumption of veggies amongst young children as we are aware that a child is much more likely to grow into a healthy adult if they adopt healthy eating habits from early on. None of our boxes contain artificial ingredients or refined sugar. 

We follow current gov guidelines such as Eatwell plate ensuring we consume a wide variety of macro and micronutrients.


Sustainabilty is a core value of our organisation; with focus on using plant-based foods as well as biodegradable packaging. We also promote sustainable consumption such as reducing food waste, food preservation.  

We aim to boost food security by providing vegan (plant-focused) recipes only; In turn boosting a greater variety of vegetables in our diet for all.

All Profits from the sale of these boxes go towards feeding hungry families here in the UK.


Our boxes boost culinary skills as well as essential literacy and numeracy skills in a fun way; our boxes encourage children to learn and use their hands as well as learn about the origins of the food they are eating.

Every box contains opportiunities for children of all ages to learn and participate in age-appropriate activities that will facilitate a range of essential life skills.

How does it work?

Choose your plan

Whether it’s a one-off gift, monthly subscription, buy 3 or 6 months up-front there are plans to suit all available in regular sized (one child) or sibling (two or more children)

Add extras into basket

Add extras to your box from our shop; top-up your jars at home or order an extra apron or kid’s knife to assist you and your child in the kitchen.

We deliver to you

We aim to get the boxes out to you by the middle of the month. (Order before the 7th and we will get them out to you in the same month) 

Boxes sent via Royal Mail delivery.

Explore and create!

With boxes filled with goodies, smells and tastes, textures and bright colours.. they are a full sensory experience for your child. Enjoy cooking & following the indoor and outdoor activities each month.

What others are saying

“A delicious selection of ingredients, my child enjoyed the foodie-fun activity and following the recipes and even ended up eating it after! I never thought I’d see him eat beetroot!”

“Mealtimes have become more enjoyable for me and the children as they help to cook, we then chat about everything we’ve included in the food whilst we are eating”

“We really enjoyed making the food! A lovely company to support with their focus on sustainability, reducing waste and helping the community; the box is geared up for children and it was great to get them involved in trying different recipes!”

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For children aged 2-10

One off gift

12.99 Monthly
  • Give the gift of good health
  • Want to try us first? Use this option!
  • No Subscription

1 Month

11.50 Monthly
  • From 11.50 per month
  • Pay for each box one month at a time
  • Cancel or pause any time
most popular

3 Months

11.00 Monthly
  • Just £11 per box
  • Buy 3 months up front

6 Months

11.00 Monthly
  • One free box!
  • £11 per 5 boxes get your 6th box for free

Double the ingredients, half the packaging!

One off gift

20.70 One Off Payment
  • Perfect gift for the grandkids!
  • Try us! Without Subscribing

1 Month

18.70 Monthly
  • From 18.70 per month
  • Pay for each box one month at a time
  • Cancel or pause any time
most popular

3 Months

18.33 Monthly
  • Just £18.33per box
  • Buy 3 months up front
  • £55 for three months
save money

6 Months

18.33 Monthly
  • One free box!
  • Buy 5 boxes get your 6th box for free
  • £96.00 for 6 months

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! As our boxes are posted out in the middle of the onth it may be an idea to hand a gift voucher for a gift for a child in your life that they can have whilst they wait for their box to arrive. Just visit our shop and prepay for/ purchase a box as normal, then select ‘gift voucher’ upon checkout, we will then email out a gift certificate to you.

Whilst all of our products and recipes are vegan, we hope to please everybody and appeal to vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians too! There is much evidence to suggest we can all benefit from incorporating more vegetables and less animal products into our diets; therefore why not start from a young age?

Whilst we like to keep it a surprise for you all, if you have any specific questions about its contents feel free to send us a message.

Our boxes currently are not geared up for children with allergies such as nuts, seeds, wheat (gluten) or dairy due to some of our products being produced in factories where any or all of these allergens are handled. Please message us if you have any concerns or allergens you want to know about.

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