Carrie Vallance, Founder

Carrie, who is a mum to four children(!) has long had a desire to want to help those with some of the widespread dietary-related issues & combine this with her love & history working with children. Her mission to help those in need also came about the time of her switching to a plant-based diet herself & her focus on creating home-cooked meals for herself and her growing family brought about her love for vegan cookery. However, the struggles she faced to get her children to consume more vegetables and less refined sugar without mealtime battles has been a challenging one! All of these factors brought about the founding of the business Food Troops C.I.C in 2019.

Carrie graduated from Plymouth University with a BSc in Bioscience following completion of a foundation degree in Food Studies. Between the two subjects; she gained knowledge within a variety of key areas such as nutrition, biodiversity, agriculture, microbiology, food safety & quality, food production, manufacture & new product development. She also holds a valid DBS certificate, HACCP, as well as a pediatric first-aid certificate.
Her dissertation titled 'testing the perceptions of vegetables in primary-aged children following food education workshops' was successful in discovering the needs of children & their perceptions towards vegetables, it suggested that their perceptions towards some vegetables can optimise and even their intake of vegetables as a whole can increase following their sessions.
When not developing FOOD TROOPS, you will likely find her with her 4 children out and about her local County of Cornwall. Carrie loves nothing more than to re-live fond memories of her own childhood growing up next to the beach, & heading out on adventures and letting her children take the lead!

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