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Food Troops bowl


Your very own engraved Food Troops bowl made from a coconut shell (finished with unrefined coconut oil)

Geo Organics Fine Sea Salt


Sold in plain packaging
This Sea Salt is traditionally harvested by hand from the Atlantic shores of Portugal and uses the same technique that the Romans used there centuries before. The salt crystals maintain the same form that nature gave them.
The Environment
This salt is raked by hand from coastal sea pans.
This harvesting does not involve the use of any vehicles for extraction and therefore minimises the cost to the environment. Drying occurs by the natural use of sun and wind and does not use any chemical process.
The sustainability of this resource has been managed for hundreds of years and continues to be harvested without the depletion of this natural asset.
These crystals retain some natural humidity.
Organically approved
Traditionally harvested sea salt crystals
Lots of flavour-take less salt
Free from anti-caking agents
Suitable for vegans

Liobites dried strawberries 8g pack


LioBites are vegan, gluten free, contain no added sugar, no preservatives, raw, high in fibre.
100% pure strawberries with traces of sunflower oil.
No added sugar. A delicious treat & a big favourite amongst littlens in our house!

RescU Pack


RescU packs.. Rescued from surpermakets, spared from landfill.

Bag filled with 10+ Food Items; Fruit, Veg, Bread for families in the Redruth Area.

£3 Local delivery available or FREE collection from pick up point (See table below) Ensure you are picking up on SAME DAY as your order.

Food Is Rescued from local stores and supermarkets and contains food that has reached it’s ‘best before date’ however this food is perfectly SAFE and edible.
It is recommended you eat, cook or freeze the food as soon as to maintain quality.

Please declare in the notes upon checkout if you have any dietary preferences including vegetarian, vegan or any allergies.

Follow ‘Food Troops Community Cornwall’ on Facebook for tips and recipes.

PAY-AS-YOU-FEEL Donations go towards our community food programme, providing healthy food education & food parcels for families.

Vego Hazelnut mini bar 65g Organic, vegan, fairtrade chocolate


Mini Vego Chocolate Bar

Absolutely delicious, eating these will convince you that cow’s milk does not need to be in chocolate! It is rich & creamy and simply delicious! Great addition to cooking or to munch the whole thing!

This mini Vego vegan chocolate bar is made from the highest quality ingredients including Italian hazelnut paste, hazelnut cocoa cream and whole hazelnuts, blended together to make possibly the most delicious vegan chocolate bar in the world. The chocolate bar is also Fairtrade certified, organic and gluten free. VEGO Chocolate Bar is a chocolate bar with crunchy hazelnuts and quality Italian chocolate.

Vegucation Club


New for 2021!!
Order your foodie fun box today!

Monthly recipes, ingredients, gifts and activties sent straight to your door!
Edit, Pause or Cancel your subscription any time!

Seasonal produce, educational games, recipes, activities, products, information, and vegan-friendly ingredients all jam-packed in this fun, family-friendly box.
A perfect gift for your budding chef, outdoor lover, or even for those veggie haters!
Encouraging exploration with the range of activities will help to encourage your child to be open to trying new foods that are healthy.

Boxes can be ordered from 7th of the previous month to 7th of the current month for delivery around the middle of the same month. E.g. Feb box orders open 7th Jan and closes 7th Feb for delivery around the middle of Feb. Orders made after 7th will be in line to receive the following month’s boxes to be delivered around 15th of the following month.

See additional info below for more information on contents etc..