About Food Troops


Food Troops was set up in the hope of creating positive change in the community by allowing children the freedom to prepare & cook their own healthy, plant-based meals & earn skills for life.

Food Troops CIC is on a mission to broaden our tastebuds & our culinary knowledge through a range of educational sessions, workshops & videos aimed at children & their families.

Our videos featured on youtube are aimed to be easy-to-follow & fun for the whole family and are for those that are unable to make one of our face-to-face workshops held in the local community.

Our mission to be 100% plant-based is due to the rise in veganism in our world today. We see this not just as a trend but as a necessity for a more sustainable future for our planet. The more diverse range of plant-based meals we consume, the more we can thrive & survive in our planet this 2020 & beyond as the greater and more biodiverse our planet can become again; moving away from our current agricultural systems of mass production and monocultures!

Our focus on healthy ingredients are mainly in the form of fruit and vegetables. Following WHO advice to increase our fruit and vegetable consumption will not only improve our health both mentally and physically, but the health of our planet will improve as well!

..............its a Win-Win!

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