Bring in the troops!

Food Troops can be hired for your school or event. We can offer a range of tailor-made services for you.
Below is a list of our current programmes we offer, yet this is not the extend of what we can offer, if you are interested in having us, please feel free to send us a message, Our diary is now open for new bookings!

School/Nurseries/Educational Settings

Available for hire for a one-off session or series of sessions!

Below is a list of what you can expect from our sessions.

Sensory education: Tasting, Chopping & sensory exploration-focused around vegetables, Nutritional education: Age-specific sessions learning about the importance of healthy eating in a fun and delicious way! Outdoor education: Farm-to-fork, learning about the importance of growing our own & reaping the benefits! Food Safety & Production Education: Children will get to design meals, cook pizzas, make smoothies & even get creative with packaging design. Why not organise a bake sale?


Available for 1.5 hour to full day sessions. Fully staffed and equipped with

tailor-made programmes to suit you. Below is a list of suggestions of what we can offer.

Leave this kid’s entertainment to us as we run fun, interactive workshops aimed at large groups of children coming and going with a relaxed, fun playful atmosphere focused on creating & tasting tropical fruits & veggies. We can provide a range of games and activities for children & families of all ages!

Scheduled Public/Community Events for 2020

We are currently focusing on developing our school programmes as well as our online services. COVID-19 has unfortunately put a hold on our local services but we are hoping to come back better in 2021, we can’t wait!

please keep an eye out for our up-and-coming events/festivals/community workshops located near you in the near future!

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