Food Troops provide fun, plant-based cookery workshops for families focused on sustainable, healthy, ingredients within the community that don't cost the earth.

Additional to this we provide advice & workshops for those wishing to change their diet, save money, time spent cooking and minimise food waste.

Alongside our regular sessions in the community and online, we are available for hire for parties, weddings, events or at educational settings!


All of our dishes & products will not be made with refined sugars or anything artificial, ever.

100% Plant-Based

No animal products used in our dishes making our workshops suitable for vegans and non-vegans alike..

Our Workshops

Our Workshops aim to provide a wide range education through the fun of our cookery workshops. Targeted at children of all ages and stages, our aim is to provide a comfortable, fun, learning environment in order for the child to gain an array of skills for life.

Not residing in Cornwall? No worries, check out our Food Troops YouTube channel!

Practice safe knife skills with chopping, peeling and grating veggies. Have fun with a spiraliser & find new ways of preparing food in a fun, interesting, colourful way!

Learn the science of cooking; learn about tastes & improves perception on healthy eating.

Get creative & develop fun ways of  preparing your dishes!

Gain confidence in the kitchen as part of a team and become open to trying new foods whilst practicing good food safety & hygeine.

Skills you & your child can gain from attending our sessions

There are so many skills that can be gained from learning to cook & developing your culinary knowledge,
here are just a few!


We incorporate food science, biology and nutrition education into the cookery classes that is age-appropriate.

This is because we believe such knowledge is so important for us to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.


You will learn tips & tricks to help reduce food waste by learning food safety and the best methods for storage and preservation of foods. You will also learn to make use of every part of the food you prepare and come up with creative ways to use up food scraps.

Financial Planning and Mathematics

Whether it's weighing up ingredients, dividing portion sizes, calculating a shopping list or working out how much you've saved by batch cooking, our workshops provide opportunities for everyone to develop their numeric skills.


Our fully vegan-friendly can help you reduce your meat consumption: good for health & the planet!

Joining in with likeminded others can allow you to feel part of a community and leave you feel confident about the decisions you have made for you family and for the planet to reduce your meat consumption.

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